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HERZ Medical Sonic Toothbrush 90,000 r/min INDUCTION CASE Black

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Type: toothbrush
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Brand:Herz Medical Instruments
Dominant color: black
Model: 5905718040308
Power supply: rechargeable
Toothbrush type: sonic
Type of rotation: oscillating, sweeping

About the brand
Herz Medical Instruments is a renowned manufacturer of medical devices, guaranteeing the highest quality of workmanship and effectiveness. As an international company, we offer products that facilitate a healthy and active lifestyle, regardless of age.

We listen carefully to the needs of our customers and create products in response to their expectations. We adhere to high standards – both during production and the sales process and after-sales service.

We care about your safety, which is why our products have all the required certificates and are tested by Bureau Veritas - a French certification institution based in Paris.

The Herz Medical Instruments wireless toothbrush is high quality at an attractive price. Maintaining oral hygiene has never been easier!!!!!

Herz Medical Instruments sonic toothbrush
Toothbrush presentation on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvqXc2a-Qdk

5 operating modes / 90 thousand head movements per minute / smart timer / 30 days on one charge / Hyperbolic Magnetic Sonic Motor / Inductive Charging / Pressure sensor / 3 power levels on each program

For the sake of hygienic cleanliness
A beautiful smile means healthy teeth and gums. Take care of your oral hygiene with a professional Herz Medical toothbrush!

Daily use of a sonic toothbrush is the best and most effective way to ensure complete oral hygiene. This effective and at the same time gentle cleaning method will work well both for prevention and for people who already struggle with tooth and gum problems (such as periodontitis, caries, bad breath, tartar, exposed teeth, etc.).

Using a sonic toothbrush also helps protect tooth enamel and remove impurities without exposing the gums to micro-injuries. It is also a much more effective method of cleaning your teeth than brushing with a traditional manual toothbrush.

One of the fastest sonic toothbrushes on the market
Performing as many as 90 thousand movements per minute, the head of the Herz Medical Instruments sonic toothbrush is one of the fastest on the market. The dynamic vibrations of the brush allow you to achieve a cavitation effect, sweeping away plaque even from the most difficult to reach crevices and interdental spaces. Now just two minutes are enough to enjoy impeccably clean teeth!

▶️5 operating modes |▶️ 90 thousand head movements per minute |▶️smart timer |▶️30 days on one charge |▶️Hyperbolic Magnetic Sonic Motor |▶️ Inductive Charging | ▶️Pressure sensor | ▶️ 3 power levels on each program | ▶️Head wear indicator

▶️Wide Active Cleaning Technology
Healthy gums and whiter teeth
Ultra-fast vibrations of the brush thanks to the Wide Active Cleaning technology are able to cause micro-vibrations in the water and create micro-bubbles that, like in cavitation peeling devices, sweep away plaque from hard-to-reach interdental gaps and plaque from the gum line.

▶️Hyperbolic magnetic sonic engine
A blow to periodontal disease - proper hygiene
The Herz Medical Instruments sonic toothbrush is equipped with a state-of-the-art hyperbolic magnetic sonic motor. Thanks to it, it precisely and extremely effectively removes all impurities from the surface of teeth and gums. It ensures hygienic cleanliness while protecting against periodontitis and other periodontal diseases.

The motor creates a sweeping sonic wave in the brush head, which oscillates around 18.5 degrees and removes plaque deposits at the junction of teeth and gums with powerful force.

▶️Five operating modes for users with different needs
Each of us has different needs. That is why the Herz Medical Instruments sonic toothbrush works in four modes, differing in the amount and speed of sonic vibrations. From the classic Clean program, ideal for daily tooth brushing, through the Sensitive mode recommended for those with sensitive teeth and gums, to the Care, Whitening and WHITENING + programs that combat discoloration and polish teeth.

CLEAN – a program intended for daily tooth brushing. Perfectly cleanses teeth and gums, removing sediment, bacteria and plaque. Improves blood supply to the gums.
SENSITIVE – a gentle program with a vibration frequency adapted to the needs of people with sensitive teeth and gums. Gently cleans teeth and massages gums.

MASSAGE – helps restore the natural white color of your teeth. Fast and intense vibrations of the brush effectively remove discolorations and deposits.

WHITENING – an extremely precise program that polishes and brightens teeth. Thanks to it, they gain a healthy glow and become visibly whiter.

WHITENING + - SUPER fast operating mode, where the engine accelerates up to 90,000 revolutions (strokes) per minute.
▶️3 power levels for each mode - for better adaptation to individual needs of use
Just slide your finger up or down on the touch panel to decrease or increase the power.

Gentle and effective operation thanks to Dupont fibers
Heads equipped with a wear indicator.

The Herz Medical Instruments sonic toothbrush uses special Dupont fibers. They are made using hemispherical grinding technology, thanks to which they have perfectly smooth tips and do not cause micro-injuries to the gums when brushing. Thus, they protect against exposure of tooth necks and periodontal disease.

▶️Smoothly finished DuPont hair
They do not cause micro-injuries to the gums, thanks to which we stop the slow process of uncovering tooth necks,

The tip contains blue Indicator fibers to help monitor tip wear. If brushed properly, twice a day for 2 minutes, the light blue color will fade halfway after about 3 months, which means it's time to replace the head.

VIDEO about the toothbrush on YOUTUBE:
▶️Convenience of use every day and while traveling
The exceptionally capacious lithium-ion battery allows the Herz Medical Instruments sonic toothbrush to operate for up to 30 days on a single charge. So you can take it on vacation or on a business trip without any worries.

▶️Smart Timer
In turn, the smart timer built into the toothbrush not only precisely measures the time for brushing teeth in the selected program, but also signals every 30 seconds to move the toothbrush to the next part of the mouth, thanks to which all places are cleaned evenly.

▶️Pressure sensor
High-power toothbrushes require modern technologies to ensure safe and effective care. If you press the toothbrush too hard, it will stop vibrating at full power and will trigger a vibration and sound signal.

▶️3 power levels - touch switch
Optimized hygiene thanks to three levels of sonic power of the toothbrush for each program, intuitively adjusted using the touch panel, providing customers with perfect oral care.

Advantages of the Herz Medical sonic toothbrush:
As many as 5 operating modes adapted to users with different needs: Clean, Sensitive, Care, Whitening and Whitening +
Long operating time of the toothbrush after fully charged: up to 30 days (when brushing your teeth 3 times a day for 2 minutes).
Durability of a single tip: approx. 3 months.
Stylish design and color: elegant, matte white.
Eye-catching and legible display with LED backlight.
One of the fastest sonic toothbrushes on the market, operating at a frequency of up to 90,000 sonic vibrations per minute.
Rated voltage: 230V
Noise level (dB): < 65 dB.
Smart timer and washing time indicator
3 power levels - touch switch
Very capacious, lithium-ion Li-ion 600mAh battery.
Charging: inductive USB.
Waterproof: IPX7
Product presentation on YouTube:


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