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[Ready Stock] Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Toothpaste, 180g (b3)

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Anti-Cavity, Fresh, Tooth Decay

Product Description

Price For 3 Tubes

You prepare your child for life by making them strong from within and this strength is reflected in her smile. New Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Toothpaste with Amino Power⁺ adds natural calcium to your family's teeth; keeping their smiles strong from within.

Best ever cavity protection with Amino Power.

4X Power for Strengthening Teeth.

Helps add natural calcium from saliva through Fluoride Action.

Protects all around teeth, even where a toothbrush doesn't reach.

Freshens breath with great mint taste.

Helps removes plaque to help prevent tartar build up.

Cleans and helps makes teeth whiter.

Protects against exposed root caries.

Repairs early decay spots.

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