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Guards Ant Gel Bait killer poison pest gel

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Product Description

ntroducing G-uard Ants Nest Killer gel - the ultimate solution to your ant problem! Our product is manufactured and supplied by us, ensuring that you get the highest quality ant bait available.

Unlike other brands, our gel bait is highly effective in eliminating entire colonies of ants. The ants will consume the bait and then return to the nest to share it with the rest of the colony. This process can take from 1 or 2 days, depending on the colony size. Each ant that consumes the bait will die within 24 - 48 hours, resulting in the eradication of the entire nest. The best part? There will be no dead ants lying anywhere!

Our gel bait is non-toxic, safe to use, and has a strong lure. It is colorless, odorless, and safe for pets. It is also highly effective, with a rapid ant killing action.

INSTRUCTIONS: To use our product, apply the bait in areas with ants along their tracts. The ants should be dead in 1-2 days. We highly recommend purchasing 2-5 ant bait for maximum protection.

For your safety, please keep the product in a proper position to prevent children from eating it.

Get rid of ants for good with G-uard Ants Nest Killer gel! Order yours today.



Safe to use

Strong lure

Highly effective


No dead ants lying anywhere as ants will die within the nest.

long-lasting effect


No smell

Safe for pets

Note: This product is low in toxicity, please put it in a proper position to prevent children from eating it.

We are the manufacturer and supplier of the brand of ant bait.

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