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Haeger Electric Kebab Maker Barbecue Grill for 6 Skewers

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Haeger Electric Kebab Maker Barbecue Grill for 6 Skewers
Brand Haeger 
Product Type Barbecue Grill
Colour White
Body Material Stainless Steel
Power 1000Watt
Speed 2RPM
Size 40x21cm
Weight 2.2kg
  • Now ou can cook barbecue without leaving home using an electric barbecue grill.
  • The electric kebab maker will successfully cook pork ribs, sausages and even shrimps.
  • In principle, you can string whatever your heart desires on skewers, including a vegetable mix and pieces of bacon - a very tasty dish, by the way.
  • In general, you can cook anything you want, it all depends on your imagination.
  • You no longer need to fiddle with wood, coals, lighter fluid - that's why she's an electric BBQ grill!
  • You will be pleased with the opportunity to use the electric BBQ grill also because this device is extremely simple not only in operation, but also in maintenance.
  • All excess fat drains into a removable drip tray, which can then be washed away.
  • And at the same time, no greasy splashes, the smell of burning and soot - everything is clean!
  • The electric BBQ grill has a cylindrical shape: in the upper part there is a fire chamber, in the lower part there is a skewers drive.
  • Six rotating skewers with bowls for dripping fat and a protective casing ensure an even grilling of the kebab from all sides.

• Warm-up time to operating temperature: no more than 5 minutes
• Time for shashlik preparation: 10-15 minutes (declared by the manufacturer)
• Power 1000W
• Rotation speed of skewers: 2 rpm
• Weight of simultaneous loading: no more than 1.4 kg
• Number of skewers and cups for them: 6
• Power supply: 220-240V 50Hz
• Body material: stainless steel
• Skewer length: 31.5 cm
• Weight: 2.2 kg
• Size: 40 x 21 cm

Complete set:
- Shashlichnitsa
- Protective cover
- 6 pieces of bowls for fat
- 6 pieces of skewers
- Instructio

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